Beyond the golden hour

A co-production of Reactor for Creation and Experiment and Váróterem Projekt.

Written by: Ovidiu Cioclov
Translation: Zsolt Csepei
Directed by: Ovidiu Caița
Scenography: Mihai Păcurar

Cast: Andrada Balea, Zsolt Csepei, Levente Imecs-Magdó, Alina Mișoc, Emőke Pál, Tavi Voina
Sound and light: Cătălin Filip, Júlia Sipos

Premiere date: 04 October 2023, 8 pm
Premiere venue: Reactor for Creation and Experiment, 4 Petőfi Sándor Street

Duration: 90 min.
Age: 14+
Language: Romanian and Hungarian (with surtitles in Hungarian and Romanian)


Some people run away from the place where they are born, they feel they cannot grow there, others, on the contrary, stay in the same place all their lives, they can only grow where they have their roots. The former carry their personal stories like huge baggages, the latter develop stories along with their heavy roots.

All these people meet in a city, let’s say Cluj, but not necessarily, a technologised, young, touristy, multicultural city with a good image, and the best photo, say the specialists in the art of photography, is captured during the golden hour, at dawn or dusk, when the light is warm and soft. Beyond the golden hour’s glare remain people and their stories that connect regardless of the language they speak. What happens after the warm, soft light disappears?

Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway Grants
Ministry of Culture + Project Management Unit

The event is part of the Fágáș project. Multicultural perspectives – strengthening cultural entrepreneurship in Cluj-Napoca in an interethnic Romanian-Hungarian context. Programme funded by EEA Grants 2014-2021 under the RO-CULTURA Programme. More details about Fágáș – intercultural exchange on